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by Wanda M. Wolfe ©

If I could come back for just one day
I know exactly what I would say
To my family and friends and those who I love
As a message from God who speaks from above

I would say it's okay to be sad for awhile
But what I really want most is to see your smile,
And for you to go on and live once again
Allowing the Lord to comfort your pain.

I know that you loved me with all of your heart
And that none of you wanted for me to depart
I don't quite understand it myself
But I know you'll get by with a little help.

Yes, I would say to be sad for a day
And to do what you need to do;
And then lift up your eyes
to the wonder of the sky
And know that I loved you too

    - Wanda M. Wolfe ©

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