The Firebird aka Spacecow and The Dancer

Sygnet and I both share a deep respect for the words and wisdom of the poet
In fact I may well have tried to model my life upon his beautiful words.

Sygnet, you have given me so much love and friendship over the ICQ network
and, like magic, your message would appear on my Desktop whenever I most needed encouragement, help and advice. Your swans and your feathers did indeed 'Fall from Heaven' as if by a very special magick all of their own - just like the story of the Little Child who prayed to God for some Scarlet Ribbons!

May the Stars Light up your Life Forever!

The Firebird was always a difficult role to dance, being physically exhausting. There were moments when I thought that I would have to give up dancing that particular role, but somehow, I always managed to find the energy to continue! When the going gets really 'tough' I always use the Firebird name and and try to capture it's magical essence, which you, Sygnet] [, have portrayed in your delightful graphic so well!

Sygnets Memorial Page

Your tears, Sygnet, are falling From my Eyes, and then those tears will be
Falling from another's eyes -
Even as they fall from the eyes of Him
Who Weeps for the World
As we share in your grief,
And As we share in the
Sorrows of all others.
All the tears of All the People
fill "The Grail"To Overflowing,
Then, Lacrima Christi flows
across the land and nourishes
the hard and parched Earth!
The Tears of The Chr ist Spirit!

Sygnet kindly designed the graphics
of myself in the guise of both
the Firebird and Hathor / Isis
That are seen on this page.

I have always had a great interest in things "Ancient Egyptian"and, being a dancer, felt a strong affinity with the following story about Hathor in Egyptian Myth:

" When Hathor quarrelled with Ra, her Father, Thoth was deputed to persuade
her to come back:
Without you, the temples are empty and silent. Without you there is no music
or dancing, no laughter or drunkenness. Without you, young and old despair
but if you come back with me now, harps and tambourines, lutes and cymbals
will sound again. Egypt will dance,
Egypt will sing, the two lands will
rejoice as never before........................."

And so my motto has become :

If my heart does not sing and dance with an inner joy then it is a sad day for me!

If your hearts are not singing and dancing with mine then it is a sad day for both you and I!

If the Souls of the World are not singing
and dancing together as one body then it
is a sad day for the World!

If the Spirit of the World is not singing and
dancing in harmony with the Cosmos then it is a sad day for Creation!

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