Zoltan Gati's Winter SOUL-TICE with Myself 'his Mother'.
Zoltan Gati started his sojourn to the far
northwest of British Columbia Canada.

Beginning his journey into enlightenment and healing
Along with survival skills of the northern environmental living.
His Passion was caring for all animals,repect and love nature and all living things.

Only Time

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An awakening to dawn mist on the water,
flowing Spirit's streams to God's alter,
purifying essence whistles through the trees,
images of the sacred blowing in the breeze.

Flights of fancy from birds up high,
feathers of many colors filtering through the sky,
sun, moon and stars envelops Earth's dome,
we're all birds of a feather, finding our way home.

Spectacle of mesmerizing movements flashing in the mind,
melting pots of humans, secrets hard to find,
love all embracing whispers on the wind,
no physical presence,ecstasy from a light dimmed.

Gifts of joy enmeshed in music and dance,
visualizing images filtering in a trance,
warriors in a drumbeat at journeys end,
back to the womb of creation enmeshed in a substance blend.

Wondrous dreams in the stillness of the dark,
journey on uplifting voyages in paradise park,
thunder and lightening points the way,
a prelude to the land where Soul's play.
Michael Levy©

"Falling snow is just un-assembled Sno-men "
*Zoe Noel* is named for Zoltan who saved her mother from death.
Mother conceived the week Zoli departed.

Zoltan Gati puppy Zoe
Look closely and you will always see his essence among the forest

Morning Walks that Zoli Loved so much

Dark days of winter

Toiling and working together always to survive the harsh winters

To the Airport to send the puppies off to their new homes
They adored their caretaker and loved him so much.
Since birth of each litter Zoli would tend to them in minus 40 with windchill
making sure they were warm, fed and loved. Always was hard for us to say goodbye.

Shoveling out the snow drifts

Mica now lives in NY...Sweet baby was nurtured by Zoli.
Along with her brother Ty...

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