Zoltan Gati was one of the most kind loving souls on earth.
The only thing he wanted from life was unconditional Love
*Love is not a contractual agreement!*
Zoltan found this with the aminals and nature-
Plus many other enlightened souls.

Zoltan Jeno Gati,canada,bc,memorial

He had a way with nature and all animals.
He was far evolved in the evolution and the true meaning of life and our purpose on this earth.
Contrary to those who talk the talk but never walk the path:
Zoli suffered much in his life at the hands of others who resented his spirit.
Perhaps they managed to take his physical body but his soul and kindness touched so many
Zoli through his travels and people he came in contact
with is remembered all over the world by those of enlightenment.
Blessed I was to be his caretaker but perhaps more he was my mentor and teacher.
Who suffered in silence and great courage.

Waltz of the Daises

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Zoltan Jeno Gati,Hungarian, frank gati, eldest son of gati,Hungary, joanne hartman
"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."
-- Aldous Huxley

Zoltan Gati Hungary,Death,

Zoltan loved the mother of this dog and when she was attacked last year by a wolverine, he
packed the mother dog in on his back 5kl in deep snow and darknes death's door.
When all hope was gone and she was to be put down
he brought her home and for 2 months hand fed and massaged her,
played music,lit candles and prayed for her recovery
With his pure love and undying devotion she made a miracluous recovery.
She conceived the pups on the week Zoltan departed for the cosmo's.
Thus we have kept this little one he left us and named the husky pup.*Zoe Noel *after him.
Zoltan Jeno Gati,Hungarian, frank gati,eldest son of gati,Hungary,Death
In a son's dreams, a Fathers,a Mothers hope
In a son's accomplishments, a Fathers,a Mothers pride.
In a son's happiness, a Fathers,a Mothers joy
In a son's death, a Fathers,a Mothers eternal sorrow.....

Zoltan gati,zoli zoltan

If I accept the sunshine and warmth,
then I must also accept the thunder and lightning.
-Kahlil Gibran

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Zoltan Gati our beloved Sunflower and Sunshine forever*Zoltan Jeno Gati
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