Pictorial and Journal of Zoltan Gati's NorthernExposure
and Sabbatical Journey's of learning and growth

Zoltan's Home in Terrace BC Canada near Alaskan Border
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Overview of our bridges

Zoltan's Home and His constant companion Catherine looking down the road after him.
"Zoltan Where are you? I am waiting"
Catherine still waits patiently!
Zoltan home in Terrace BC

Zoltan cat on the porch Terrace BC
View of the front
Zoli front porch home BC

Zoli's Boat resting down the slow moving tranquil waters

Garden blooms again. All things come alive once more

Zoltan loved to walk the forest and be with the animals
Pictures he took along the way!
Zoltan's pictures of horses*Zoltan moose picture
Our Backyard
Zoltan gati lawns and farm

The week before he left he planted Sunflowers for me.
They have grown tall and strong.
Thank you Zoltan for bringing Sunshine into my life
Zoltan Gati, zoli sunflowers

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