My Brother Zoltan Gati Dearest Love of Mine
My Heart will go on

Always part of my life and history.
`Keep on going my Sweet Sister`
I am with you always and remember our joy and laughter
Somwhere in time we will meet again

* Till then Remember." My Heart will go On."*

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All I want is to be your sunflower to watch over you from up high.
When the wind blows I will kiss you like sunshine stealing pieces from a perfect sky.

Lana Sent us all a wonderful Memorial Letter with sunflowers for us to plant for Zoli Gati
To keep the sunshine and his smile always in our life and memory, never to die or be forgotten
Thank you Sis.....

Zoltan gati,zoli zoltan

Zoltan gati,dovesZoltan gati,dovesZoltan gati,doves

Lana and Riley

Zoli's Love Baby Riley Bautista

Happy Birthdays Forever to Zoli Gati from all of us

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